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School Spotlight


St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, Boca Raton

As part of the parish faith community, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, commits to building the Catholic identity of its students, to challenging them academically and to preparing them for lives of service to others. Inspired by the charism of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, the school will provide students
with a comprehensive elementary school education that will prepare them for success in high school and beyond. 

Notable Academics and Extracurriculars

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School was proud to be certified last school year as a Florida Catholic Conference S.T.R.E.A.M. school. This process was quite challenging as the school had to meet and prove rigorous teaching standards and techniques involving authentic real world application of technology, cross-curricular lessons, station rotations, student choice lessons (i.e. choice boards), project-based learning, essential questions requiring critical thinking and differentiated learning driven by data.

The school also won, for the third year in a row, the Cardinal Gibbons Brain Brawl.  

Individualized Attention Tailored to Each Student

The school has enhanced its math program by further promoting differentiated instruction. Students in third grade can participate in Accelerated Math (complete third grade math in half the year and fourth grade math the second half) and in fourth grade through seventh grade, teachers offer three different math classes for each grade level (Small Group Math, Regular Math, and High Math). By the time a student reaches eighth grade, he or she can earn Algebra I Honors or Geometry Honors credit. 

The school is also proud of its Spanish Program. Students in third through eighth grade can participate in regular Spanish class or Spanish for Heritage Speakers, accommodating all level of language learners in the classroom.

Fostering of Spiritual Growth in Faculty and Students

The school takes great pride in making sure students feel emotionally and physically safe and secure. The school’s administration implemented an anti-bullying/cyberbullying presentation through the Peacemaker Program. To remind everyone that they are all a valued child of God, the school’s routine includes having students recite an anti-bullying pledge each morning, along with the school prayer and mission statement.

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade have required community learning service hours throughout the year. Students are asked to reflect and write how each activity has helped them grow in their Catholic faith. In addition, the school joins together to package "Soups in a Jar" for the parish food pantry.

Each homeroom creates Catholic Social Contracts on how students and teachers should treat each other and write Catholic Compliment Cards in homeroom classes. Educators are also encouraged to write these cards to demonstrate how we are God's gift to each other. 

Initiatives in Support of a Wholistic Education

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School has a different school theme each year. This year, the theme is S.H.I.N.E.  in honor of celebrating the parish’s diamond 60th Anniversary. The acronym S.H.I.N.E. stands for S.T.R.E.A.M., Helping Others, Catholic Identity, New Goals and Environment. Each word is set as a directive to accomplish throughout the school year. For example, "Helping Others" encompasses each grade level to adopt an organization to support.