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The Diocese of Palm Beach schools seek to develop the whole student.

The Diocese of Palm Beach schools seek to develop the whole student. We invest in the future of our students through strong and structured academics and a focus on faith and moral development –challenging students to think beyond the classroom and make a life-long impact on the Church and community.  A holistic education means more than setting the highest academic standards. It also means revealing that there’s more to life than personal success: there’s moral character, and service to the community, and ever-present faith. There’s something greater to pursue that makes a life complete.

A Holistic Education

  • We prepare students to be productive citizens – to think beyond academics to their individual purpose in life and serving others. We push them to be something greater.
  • Going beyond academics, Catholic Schools prioritize the holistic development of students with a focus on moral character, service to others and faith.
  • Everyone within our community –  from teachers to principals, coaches to support staff – understand they’re helping shape a son, daughter, future leader or next-door neighbor – not just a student with a test score.

Strong Academics

  • A child’s education plays a vital role in the formation of their future. Maintaining a steadfast focus on faith throughout that education experience inspires excellence in all parts of their life.
  • Structured learning environments create focused students, building the foundation for a strong academic life. Disciplined classrooms help students achieve their academic goals.
  • The Catholic schools in our diocese foster a disciplined – but caring – learning environment that emphasizes student respect for themselves and others.
  • We have found that students not only thrive in – but want a disciplined learning environment. Of course, parents want this too.

Moral/Spiritual Development

  • Using Catholic teaching as a base, all students in our schools are encouraged to follow their moral compass from a young age.
  • We help students develop their personal values to guide them now and in the future. They are at a critical stage in development where they’re building their character and moral gauge, and we want faith to be at the center of that.
  • Each student in the Catholic Schools network is shown how, and encouraged, to live out their faith in action.

Individualized Attention

  • Teachers and staff know the child beyond their test scores and attendance record. Students are given the individualized attention they need to excel in academics and build a faithful foundation for life.
  • We strive to create a safe learning environment where every student is known and valued. Our teachers get to personally know their students so that each child feels welcomed and loved. 
  • The individualized attention students receive at in our Catholic schools allow them the freedom to fully enjoy extracurricular activities. They have the opportunity to be involved in what they’re passionate about, so they can shine in all areas of their academic experience.