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School Spotlight


All Saints Catholic School, Jupiter

All Saints Catholic School educates the entire child with the Gospel values leading the way. Students are encouraged to open their full hearts to the Lord, their minds to high learning and their God-given talents toward service to others.

Living the Mission

With Jesus and the Saints as models, All Saints Catholic School provides all students with a nurturing and safe environment reflecting Gospel values and the teachings of the faith. All Saints encourages students to open their hearts to the Lord, their minds to learning and their talents toward service to others.

Notable Academics and Extra Curricular Achievements

All Saints Catholic Schools’ standardized scores in both the Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress and Terra Nova/CAT 6 Tests demonstrate great learning growth and high achievement among students. During the recent Step Up for Students Conference, All Saints Catholic School was recognized for its high-level growth in Measures for Academic Progress this past year.

For the past six years, an All Saints student has won the state writing competition for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) essay. This is a state essay to discuss a financial prompt each year and is sponsored by a Wall Street consortium of financial institutions.

Ninety-five percent of All Saints Catholic School teachers are Apple Teacher certified and attend high-level professional development in technology to support the 1:1 iPad program.

Individualized Attention Tailored to Each Student

Dedicated and experienced teachers and support staff work collaboratively to help students become successful life-long learners. For those students who require more challenging academics, All Saints Catholic School provides opportunities for enrichment through participation in math and/or ELA enrichment groups. A full-time enrichment resource teacher works with these students in small groups on a scheduled basis, providing them with challenging activities/projects to enhance learning.

For our students who require more support and practice to develop in their learning, resources and support staff are in place to meet those needs. A full-time ESE certified and Orton-Gillingham trained teacher, a full-time gifted endorsed enrichment teacher and a part-time reading instruction certified resource teacher are on staff at the school. These teachers work with small groups of students on both a push-in and pull-out basis depending on the needs of the students.

In addition, eligible students can receive additional reading and/or math services from a highly qualified certified teacher through Title I funding. Additionally, funding through Title II allows teachers to attend professional development sessions and trainings throughout the year, which enable them to remain current with best practices that help support students’ learning and engagement.

Fostering of Spiritual Growth in Faculty and Students

Teachers attend two retreats per year and participate in a religious book club to promote growth in faith. All students receive daily religious education and are called to service. From pre-Kindergarten to eighth grade, students and teachers participate in service projects which are school driven in planning, implementation and delivery. Moreover, all students are integral members of planning and participating in weekly liturgies. They are involved in yearly retreats, and middle school students assist the lower grades in their retreats to model the faith to the younger ones.

Initiatives in Support of a Wholistic Education

Over the past six years, All Saints Catholic School has moved successfully towards the technological world of 21st century of learning. By using iPads and laptops, students collaboratively and creatively demonstrate mastery of learning standards in unique ways. Coding and STREAM have moved students into a new way of doing things and expanding their knowledge. Augmented reality, 3D printing, and robotics have allowed students to develop new talents and strengths.

Sadlier’s Catholic Identity Links is a K–8 online program uniquely developed to rally the school community around the common goal of strengthening Catholic identity. Focus on 52 virtues and values—one for every week of the year—with downloads that include short lessons, homily hints, prayers, Scripture references, and more. Each virtue and value promote Catholic identity so that young disciples follow Jesus Christ.

Service is an integral part of the school’s wholistic education. Ninety-five percent of graduating students receive service cords for graduation, acknowledging their 30 or more hours of service.

Why All Saints Catholic School is Something Greater

“To be ‘something greater’ is to provide, and ultimately nurture, students to be something bigger and better than they ever thought possible. It means to grow our children into adults of faith, morals and ethics in whatever field they excel so that they live a joyous and truly fulfilled life. It is through our faith in God our Father, Jesus Christ his son, and the Holy Spirit that greatness will spring. In today’s world people of something greater will lead the world into something greater.” - Jill Broz, MS Ed.S, Principal

To learn more about All Saints Catholic School visit, Follow the school on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @allsaintsjupiter or call 561-748-8994.