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Legacy Initiative

Social Media Examples

The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Palm Beach have an incredible legacy.  Our schools have been serving the community for decades.  Many of the families we serve have been attending our schools for generations.  The Office of Catholic Schools and the Marketing and Communication department have created a social media post that would highlight those families who have been attending for generations! 

There are 3 layouts available for you to use at your discretion. 

Layout 1 – This layout allows for pictures to be dropped in outlining the family tree.  Years of graduation and names of family members would be added under their photos. 

Layout 2 – This layout allows for family names and years of graduation to be entered. 

Layout 3 – For this layout option you would simply need a quote from the family or from one person in the family that expresses their family’s legacy at your school. 

Please feel free to use these as graduation approaches or during enrollment periods as you see fit.  You have the ability to customize these graphics with your school logo. 

Base graphics are included for you to download.


These are examples for you to mimic

This is the Downloadable Base Template