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Message from Bishop Barbarito regarding a Special Day of Prayer on 10-27-2023

Message from Bishop Barbarito on October 27

World Day of Prayer for Peace

As our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has called for another day of prayer and fasting on Friday, October 27, for the end of the war in the Holy Land, the Diocesan family of Palm Beach will join all her brothers and sisters around the world for this day. I ask all parishes to arrange for some public form of prayer on this day at a convenient time for the parish, to which all the parishioners can be invited.  I will also conduct a Holy Hour at Saint Ignatius Cathedral on October 27 at 4 PM, to which all of the faithful of the Diocese are invited.

In the words of Pope Francis, “Brothers and sisters, war does not solve any problem:  It only sows death and destruction, foments hate, proliferates revenge. War cancels out the future, it cancels out the future. I urge believers to take just one side in this conflict: that of peace. But not in words – in prayer, with total dedication.”

An excellent form of prayer is a deliberate act of love to someone with whom we may have some difficulty or disagreement in our lives. Offering up such love is so much needed in our world in which we can make a small but significant difference.

Our Lady Queen of Peace, pray for us!