Why Your Child Should Attend a Catholic School

Catholic schools offer academic excellence and faith-filled education for students nationwide.  National test scores, high school graduation rates, college attendance and other data show that Catholic schools frequently outperform schools in both the public and private sectors. 

Research has shown that there is a strong demand and enthusiasm for Catholic schools. Thirty-two percent of Catholic schools have waiting lists for admission and new schools are opening across the country. This infographic shares facts and figures about the ongoing excellence and promise of growth represented in our country's Catholic schools.


10 Reasons to Attend Catholic School

Why should parents choose a Catholic education for their children? NCEA President Karen Ristau asked the 60 members of NCEA’s department executive committees to give their responses. Here are their top ten reasons.

Catholic elementary and high schools offer:

  1. Catholic tradition and academic excellence in a community grounded in a common faith
  2. Balanced curriculum including art, music and fitness
  3. Emphasis on moral development, service to others and leadership skills
  4. A 99 percent graduation rate in Catholic high schools.
  5. Strong preparation for further education
  6. Safe and disciplined environment
  7. Exceptional faculty who help students reach their highest potential
  8. Individual attention in a caring community
  9. Commitment to technology use to enhance education
  10. Good stewardship of resources