Something Greater Videos  


A Message from a Student

A student feels, "The teachers are dedicated to their jobs and they help us with our individual needs and they teach us love and they care about us."


A Message from a Teacher

A teacher says, "We’re trying to teach our students to be able to apply themselves no matter what, to be able to take a test but to also be able to apply that knowledge with problem-solving, if they had a problem in someway."


A Message from a Student

A student tells us, "the school really helps me to be a better person and helps me to grow in almost every way spiritually, physically, academically and it really sets people up for high school and just life and I think that's very important."


A Message from a Principal

Miss Deborah Armstrong explains how they are helping students become Something Greater, "by first of all loving them and the premise of what we do is rooted in the gospel and we try and take every student where they are and we work with them spiritually. We work with them emotionally and we of course try to educate the mind."


A Message from a Student

An elementary school student says, "I feel like this school's preparing me for something greater by teaching me how to be a well rounded person and if you work hard you’ll do great and if you follow the example Jesus teaches us then you can be a great person."


A Message from a Principal

Dr. Kevin Hoeffner feels that, " It's important for us to keep our class sizes not only small but also the ratio of student to teacher needs to be small as well. I mean the more people we have participating in the students education the higher the quality of the education is going to be."


A Message from a Student

A high school student is grateful that, "with Catholic Education they help you grow in your education as well as your faith. So my faith helps me stick through it, even if things are hard, I can just always count on my faith to help me go through all the classes that I’m taking, to pass the test, to persevere and finish."


Message from a Principal

Mrs. Katie Kervi explains that, "one of our greatest talents is the rigor and the ability to go deeper into what we're teaching. There's always this opportunity for us to spend a little bit more time and to focus on exactly what that is that a student needs."


Message from Bishop Barbarito

Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop of Palm Beach, expresses that, "for so many years, a tradition of Catholic schools has been one which has brought about the best in our young people and we are committed to that here. The Diocese of Palm Beach truly has schools which offer something greater and we are proud of it."


Message from a Parent

A mother is pleased that, "the small class ratios and teacher relations with the students, whether they're in that teacher's class or other classes, everyone knows each other, everyone looks out for each other."