Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito Video and Letter regarding The Florida Catholic


Students United Through ‘Domestic Altars’ in Classrooms

For Catholic school students going back to school in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the classroom has stretched to encompass numerous spaces: the school library, the cafeteria, the playground, the art room, and the auditorium. For students at St. Anastasia School in Fort Pierce, the classroom

Graduate of Cardinal Newman Speaks of the Need for Fatima

John Carney, a former kicker for Notre Dame football and various NFL teams--and graduate of Cardinal Newman High School--highlights courage and hope in a new film about Marian apparitions in Portugal called Fatima the Movie. Carney became a supporter of the film after his family became involved

Important Re-entry Documents

View Decision Trees, Self Screening Checklist, Re-Entry Plan Documents and Academic Calendar.   July 23, 2020, Memo from the Office of Catholic Schools (pdf) Re-Entry Summary (pdf) Academic Calendar (pdf) Re-Entry Plan August 2020 (pdf) Re-Entry Plan Appendix Documents (pdf)

See the WPTV Article on the Opening of Our Schools

Thank you WPTV for this special story on our Diocese of Palm Beach Schools! We are grateful for the support of our community and families! Click here to view the video and read the article.

Something Greater Together…

Starting August 1st, the Diocese of Palm beach, Office of Catholic Schools, is proud to launch a new initiative called, “Something Greater Together.”  The idea for this initiative is to show our community how our schools and dedicated school employees live the mission of the Office of Catholic

Tropical Storm Laura Announcement

Diocesan Catholic schools release re-entry plan for post-pandemic learning

The Diocese of Palm Beach Office of Catholic Schools released a comprehensive re-entry plan, July 23 for students’ return for the 2020-2021 academic year on Aug. 24. To determine the best course of action, the Office of Catholic Schools provided school parents, teachers staff, pastors and

Prayer to Avert Hurricanes

Please join us in a united prayer during this hurricane season, especially as Hurricane Isaisas approaches the United States. We pray for all those affected by storms and ask you to say this special “Prayer to Avert Storms” now and throughout the hurricane season. Thank you for your support of our

Action Alert from the Secretariat of Catholic Education

Call to Action In recent weeks we have asked you to contact your Members of Congress in support of Catholic schools - and thanks to you, almost 100,000 messages were delivered!  Your work has paid off. We have a newly introduced emergency school choice bill:  The School Choice Now Act - but we