The Diocese of Palm Beach Office of Catholic Schools presents the “School Spotlight” series. This initiative is focused on showcasing the Catholic schools throughout the diocese that strive to be something greater in providing strong academics, individualized attention, a holistic education, and full spiritual development.



School Spotlight

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, Boca Raton

As part of the parish faith community, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, commits to building the Catholic identity of its students, to challenging them academically and to preparing them for lives of service to others. Inspired by the charism of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, the school will

St. Luke Catholic School, Palm Springs

St. Luke Catholic School is a microcosm of the surrounding community. It has an enduring supportive and interconnected relationship with the parish, school and community. This interconnected, supportive relationship can be seen in the Church, school and religious education communities as they

St. Juliana Catholic School, West Palm Beach

St. Juliana Catholic School strives to educate students in mind, body and spirit. Faculty and staff aim to live this mission every day, which is reviewed regularly with among educators and with parents and students. At St. Juliana Catholic School, it is imperative that all stakeholders play a role

St. Jude Catholic School, Boca Raton

The Saint Jude Catholic School mission is centered on the value that everyone is created and loved by God. School educators strongly believe that students can achieve their full potential through a life lived in service of others. These Catholic values are the cornerstone for a student’s

All Saints Catholic School, Jupiter

All Saints Catholic School educates the entire child with the Gospel values leading the way. Students are encouraged to open their full hearts to the Lord, their minds to high learning and their God-given talents toward service to others. Living the Mission With Jesus and the Saints as