Lumen Christi 2019

Lumen Christi Photographs

Photos from the 2019 Lumen Christi Scholarship Gala which was held on Friday, December 6, are available here

Lumen Christi Award Recipient - Ann Frearson

Ann Frearson’s desire to help others grow in understanding, knowledge and wisdom has been her life’s vocation.  She has given forty-three years of service to Catholic schools. Ann attended schools in Brazil, England, Jamaica and the United States while growing up which broadened her perspective on

Lumen Christi Award Recipients - Jeffrey and Agnes Stoops

Jeffrey and Agnes Stoops are cherished members of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Delray Beach. Since their very first days of joining the parish, they have been generous supporters of the Catholic education program, and have taken on leadership roles with the Capital Campaign for the school’s

Lumen Christi Award Recipient - Karen Balmuth

Karen Balmuth has been affiliated with the Diocese of Palm Beach Schools since her son, Chad, attended St. Ann Catholic School in 1995 as a pre-school student. That faith-filled experience began her journey in volunteering and giving back to her community. Not only did Karen give of her time,

Lumen Christi Award Recipient - Karina Priest

Karina Priest and her husband, Josh, live in Port St. Lucie with their two children, Samantha, 18, and Jesse, 13. Samantha graduated from John Carroll High School in 2019 and is currently studying at Florida State University. Jesse is in the eighth grade at St. Anastasia Catholic School. They are

Lumen Christi Award Recipient - Anne Craig, Eugene Meyerowich, and Regina Appleby

St. Clare Catholic School is pleased and proud to honor Anne Craig, Eugene Meyerowich, and Regina Appleby for their combined 120 years of service to the school. Anne Craig began in 1971 as an elementary teacher,and continued with middle-school language arts. Gene Meyerowich started in 1979 as the

Lumen Christi Award Recipient - Rene Alonso

For the last 8 years, Rene has been a true model and example of Stewardship at St. Ann parish and school. As an active parishioner, he lives the Gospel in a concrete way by sharing, volunteering and giving of his Time, Treasure and Talent for the wellbeing of our parish and school. The list is too

Lumen Christi Award Recipient - Maria Morgan

Maria Morgan has been a teacher for over 30 years. She has been at St Helen Catholic school for twenty-one years, including sixteen as St. Helen’s beloved first-grade teacher, and the past 5 years as the middle-school Spanish teacher. Along with her many duties as a teacher, Maria serves as

Lumen Christi Award Recipient - Debbie Armstrong

Let’s play JEOPARDY! Like Mary Richards, she can turn the world on with her smile. Like Catherine McCauley, she is a woman of vision, practicality, humor, and has an ardent desire to be united to God. Like Teresa of Avila, she possesses a “determined determination”. Like Elizabeth

Lumen Christi Award Recipients - Michele Mackey & Kelli Smith

Michele Mackey and Kelli Smith exemplify service to St. Joseph Catholic School and are role models for the entire school family. Michelle and Kelli have been the co-chairs of the Fall Festival since its inception six years ago. They have shown tremendous passion, dedication, and teamwork to the