St. John Paul II Academy and Cross Catholic Outreach partner to feed the hungry overseas

St. John Paul II Academy in Boca Raton partnered with Cross Catholic Outreach to host a food packing event on Feb. 22. More than 240 volunteers worked together to pack 80,000 meals in just three and a half hours. Cross Catholic Outreach plans to ship the food to Catholic partners overseas for distribution to the hungry. 

Cross Catholic Outreach senior director Sandi Pino said, “These food-packing events, like that at St. John Paul II Academy, take place in cities large and small across America. They provide a wonderful way for individuals within the community to be actively involved in a service that directly helps the poor and gives Catholic families a deep, personal awareness of our faith’s preferential option for the poor.”

Pino explained that an estimated 1 billion people worldwide go to bed hungry each night and approximately 16,000 children die every day from hunger related causes. The food packing event in Boca Raton was a great opportunity for Church and community to rally together to help fight hunger around the globe.

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