Catholic Schools Week Quotes from Administrators

In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, we will be sharing quotes throughout the week from our School administrators as to why they feel our schools are Something Greater. National Catholic Educational Association (Official)

Why John Carroll Catholic High School is Something Greater
“John Carroll has always instilled in its students the idea to go above and beyond because we can always do better. The idea of ‘Something Greater’ fits perfectly with the ideals the school has instilled since 1965. The same mission transcends to today’s generation.” – Corey Heroux, Principal of John Carroll High School and alumna class of 2004

Why St. Helen Catholic School is Something Greater
“For some, the decision of elementary school is a nine-year decision. For us, it is the choice of a lifetime of learning and relationships. Our students participate in Catholic traditions, as they build a community of faith at St. Helen Catholic School. We not only offer an academic program that challenges our students and ensures that they are well prepared for high school and the future, but also focus on teaching our students how be something greater on their journey to heaven.” - Lisa Bell, Principal

Why St. Joseph Catholic School is Something Greater
“To be something greater means to go beyond oneself, to go beyond the standard expectation. It is only when one raises the bar of expectation that we become something greater.” -Stacy McNerney, Principal

Why St. Luke Catholic School, A Notre Dame ACE Academy is Something Greater
“Catholic education at St. Luke Catholic School is more than a rigorous academic program—it’s a school you can have faith in. The school’s education provides students with faith to face the challenges of the world—it’s the gift that keeps on giving.” -Diann Bacchus, Principal

Why St. Joan of Arc Catholic School is Something Greater
"Something we tell our students at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School is, ‘Like a diamond, you too are God’s treasure formed from the foundations of the earth. Changing us from carbon to a diamond is God’s plan for us. You are his workmanship, brilliantly fashioned and formed. God has a special plan for you and purpose for you right here. We all know diamonds are formed under intense pressure. Every problem, conflict, trial, hardship and opposing force is shaping and polishing your brilliance.’” - Caroline Roberts, Principal

Why Sacred Heart Catholic School is Something Greater
“For Sacred Heart School students, something greater means having high standards and high expectations. Our students respect who they are and strive to be the best they can be—something greater!” -Tricia Duvall, Interim Principal

Why All Saints Jupiter is Something Greater
“To be ‘something greater’ is to provide, and ultimately nurture, students to be something bigger and better than they ever thought possible. It means to grow our children into adults of faith, morals and ethics in whatever field they excel so that they live a joyous and truly fulfilled life. It is through our faith in God our Father, Jesus Christ his son, and the Holy Spirit that greatness will spring. In today’s world people of something greater will lead the world into something greater.” - Jill Broz, MS Ed.S, Principal

Why St Jude Catholic School is Something Greater
“One of the phrases that best presents our school mission is ‘Let your light shine.’ Our mission statement proclaims our belief that we are all called to shine as we grow in our understanding of our call to serve. We are meant to be ‘alleluia’ people and, at Saint Jude Catholic School, we strive to draw that light out of each other and share it with those we meet. Our call to evangelize rests in the joy we have—for the children, the families and the greater church community." -Debbie Armstrong, Principal

Why St. Juliana Catholic School is Something Greater
“St. Juliana Catholic School was built in 1952 and has remained true to its original architectural design over the past 65 years. However, the architecture is not what makes St. Juliana Catholic Catholic School such a remarkable campus. What is inside the walls of the school is where the treasure can be found. When you walk through the doors of the school, there is a palpable sense of community. Our Catholic identity is strengthened with every day we spend together building our faith.” -Kati Kervi, Principal