St. Clare Catholic School, North Palm Beach

The mission of St. Clare Catholic School is to learn, to lead, and to love as Jesus loves. St. Clare School is a faith-driven school that doesn’t just teach the Catholic faith, but also does its best to live it. Modeling of Christian values is woven into the entire fabric of the school from the teachers, staff and parents to older students who mentor younger students. The entire school community strives to think of and serve others and become humble and charitable servants of Christ.

Notable Academics and Extracurriculars

As a Leader in Me School, faculty and students are trained in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and these habits are infused into everything done throughout the day. The expectation is to create student leaders who can set and reach goals, track their own learning, and embrace opportunities to take on leadership roles in the community.

The school’s reading curriculum includes Wilson Foundations and the Houghton-Mifflin Journeys Series in Kindergarten through fifth grade. With the Journeys Series, readers are empowered by skill mastery; inspired by authentic, award-winning text; and confidence that they are building the skills needed for college and careers. In middle school, students are challenged with the Pearson My Perspective Literature Series, Sadlier Vocabulary, and other teacher driven activities. The school uses a K-8th writing program ensuring a logical, sequential introduction and continued development of each student’s writing ability.

The Science curriculum encourages hands-on learning and taps into children’s natural curiosity to help make learning fun. The state-of-the-art science program, designed for building inquisitiveness and STEM skills, uses digital curriculum, virtual labs, dynamic activities and more. Four seventh and eighth graders placed in the Palm Beach County Science Fair this year.

Students are offered specialty courses in foreign language, physical education and the fine arts as well as technology, which integrates many projects within each subject. The one-to-one iPad program encourages students to create, participate, smoothly communicate, receive immediate feedback and access numerous resources in all subjects.

Students in grades sixth through eighth are eligible to participate in the school’s competitive sports programs, which are overseen by the Catholic Youth Athletic League. The school’s goal is to give as many students as possible an opportunity to learn and play, and experience what teamwork means.


Individualized Attention Tailored to Each Student

St. Clare School strives to recognize each student’s talents and gifts, and to help develop them both in and out of the classroom. Support services such as strategies classes, Speech and Language support, reading resource, after school clinics, and core extension are available when needed. Smaller class sizes help each teacher provide plenty of individualized instruction to students when necessary. 


Fostering of Spiritual Growth in Faculty and Students

Each student is a unique child of God whose social, emotional, physical, and academic needs are best met in a safe, comfortable learning environment. St. Clare School’s role is to proclaim, teach, and model the Gospel message of Jesus, and build a faith community that celebrates through prayer, worship and service to others. From pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, students participate in daily prayers and religious education, a variety of service projects throughout the year, monthly Mass services and more.

Students work with Religion teachers to plan Masses and prayer services throughout the year. Parents and grandparents are always encouraged to attend and participate because family prayer is vital to the school community. Faculty and staff pray together regularly, embracing every opportunity to attend retreats, host speakers and deepen faith to be better stewards for those they serve.


Initiatives in Support of a Wholistic Education

St. Clare School exists as a living example of a Catholic community in action. With parents as the primary educators, the faculty, staff, clergy, and administrators consider it essential to teach the students to live in accordance with the spiritual, moral, and ethical principles exemplified in the Gospel. The school believes that the education of students requires a partnership with families and encourages family involvement. The school hosts multiple events throughout the school year (including our famous Mardi Gras in January) to build community.

In addition, students in all grades participate in activities that serve the community. These include collecting food for the homeless, financial contributions to charities and groups, t-shirts for migrant farm workers, safety patrols, altar servers, recyclers to help in classrooms, and gifts for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Why St. Clare Catholic School is Something Greater

“We are not only preparing our students for high school, we are preparing them for Heaven, and to be honest, productive, caring members of society.” -Rita Kissel, principal






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