John Carroll High School, Fort Pierce

John Carroll Catholic High School is a ministry of the Diocese of Palm Beach committed to the spiritual, academic, physical and emotional growth of the student body. Guided by the Catholic faith and tradition, the school recognizes Jesus Christ as the model for the whole person the school seeks to develop. John Carroll Catholic High School’s mission is to inspire the pursuit of educational excellence, foster character formation, develop a commitment to service and affirm the dignity of each student entrusted to our care.        

Notable Academics and Extracurriculars

John Carroll students recently received  national recognition for their performance on the 2019 National Spanish Examinations. Students earned two gold, three silver and five bronze medals, as well as 12 honorable mentions.

The graduating  class of 2019 was offered $8,897,489 in academic and athletic college scholarships, with 100% of the class attending college in the fall. The graduating class held impressive grand point averages, with 23% of students earning a 5.0 or above, 37% with a 4.99-4.0 and 34% with 3.99-3.0. The top 15% of the class earned an average composite score of 1330 on the SAT.

John Carroll High School is a proud partner with the Amazon Future Engineer program and receives funding from Amazon to offer computer science classes to students. John Carroll High School is one of more than 1,000 high schools across the country currently signed up for Amazon Future Engineer, a national program aimed at making computer science accessible to all students. With Amazon Future Engineer’s funding, the school offers Intro to Computer Science and Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science classes via curriculum provider Edhesive. Amazon’s funding provides preparatory lessons, tutorials, and professional development for teachers, fully sequenced and paced digital curriculum for students, and live online support every day of the week for both teachers and students.

Individualized Attention Tailored to Each Student

The Seton Scholastic Program is John Carroll High School ’s distinguished college preparatory curriculum. Students within this program have the opportunity to enroll in foundational, honors, Advanced Placement, and dual enrollment courses through the school’s partnership with Indian River State College. This program guides students in their course selections based on their personal goals.

John Carroll High School recognizes each student as a unique individual created in the image of God and strives to provide all students with the support needed to be self-advocates and faith-filled, life-long learners. The St. Thomas Aquinas Learning Resource Program will provide students in need of accommodations with the additional academic support and tools in order to be most successful in the school’s college preparatory environment. These include learning, study, test taking, organization and note taking strategies through study skills classes; the creation of academic support plans indicating individual accommodations for students with documented disabilities; Student Success Team (SST) meetings partnering with parents, teachers, and the learning resource teacher in order to monitor a student’s progress and create strategies for success; access to the afterschool “Homework Club” program for additional support and tutoring, led by the school’s resource teacher; assistance with applying for extended time testing for college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT; access to Intensive Reading and entry-level math courses as needed.

Fostering of Spiritual Growth in Faculty and Students

John Carroll High School’s Campus Ministry program provides students with many opportunities to engage with and grow in their faith. A class day retreat is held for each grade level, allowing students to build relationships and grow spiritually. During the 2018-19 school year, the school also held its first all-girls retreat, “Speaking   to Sparrows,” at Lake Aurora. Under the direction of Campus Ministry Director Jennie Capezza, John Carroll plans to offer additional opportunities for students to grow in their faith for the 2019-20 school year, including a Eucharistic Ministers program and an altar serving and lecturing ministry for all-school masses.

The John Carroll Alpha Peer Ministry Team is a leadership class designed to give seniors the opportunity to share their faith and participate in the religious ministry of our school community. The Alpha team is responsible for planning and facilitating day retreats for each grade level and liturgies during the school year.

Initiatives in Support of a Wholistic Education

All John Carroll students are required to give of their time and talents to serve God and his Church within their families, parishes, and communities. Each student is expected to record at least 25 service hours per year as a requirement in their Religion class. The school partners with local parishes and service organizations to provide opportunities for service and is proud of the humility and love that students share with their communities.

Building a sense of community and Catholic identity beyond the school’s borders is vital to the school’s mission to foster the whole student—mind, body and spirit. The I am a Ram alumni campaign was initiated in the fall of 2018 to highlight notable John Carroll School Alumni. With nearly half of the school’s faculty being alumni and over 6,000 alumni in the school’s database, the Ram family continues to share the success, academically and spiritually, of students who have gone on to be Something Greater.

Why John Carroll High School is Something Greater

“John Carroll has always instilled in its students the idea to go above and beyond because we can always do better. The idea of ‘Something Greater’ fits perfectly with the ideals the school has instilled since 1965. The same mission transcends to today’s generation.” – Corey Heroux, principal of John Carroll High School and alumna class of 2004





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