Lumen Christi Award Recipient - Debbie Armstrong

Let’s play JEOPARDY!

Like Mary Richards, she can turn the world on with her smile.

Like Catherine McCauley, she is a woman of vision, practicality, humor, and has an ardent desire to be united to God.

Like Teresa of Avila, she possesses a “determined determination”.

Like Elizabeth Seton, she has devoted her life to educating, forming and transforming hearts and minds as she hands on the precious gift of our Catholic faith and heritage to youngsters.

Like Wonder Woman, she is a true heroine with an amazing blend of strength, curiosity, perseverance, and compassion.

Her name is synonymous with Saint Jude School, where she lets her light shine and serves as principal.

The only correct answer is “Who is Miss Armstrong?” – better known as “Miss A.”.

For her dedication to Catholic Education, we are proud to honor her tonight.



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