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Office of Catholic Schools
Faith Inspiring Excellence

1.  Faith Inspiring Excellence - Graphics

2. Lumen Christi 2022

        a. Video (Download link)

        b. Social Media Graphics (LumenA) (LumenB) (LumenC) (LumenD) (LumenE)

        c. Bishop’s letter (doc)

        d. PDF’s of sponsorship forms 
               - Sponsorship form (pdf)

               - Leadership Sponsor form (pdf)

        e. Graphics (LumenA) (LumenB) (LumenC) (LumenD)

        f. Lumen Christi "Donate Now" page link

        g. QR Code (png)

        h.  Giving Tuesday - November 29, 2022
 i.  Text for the following graphics (doc)
                ii.  Save the Date (jpg)
                iii.  Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday (jpg)
                iv.  Today is Giving Tuesday (jpg)


3. Video to coordinate with Faith Inspiring Excellence theme,

4. Zip folder of logos

        a. Horizonal (zip)

        b. Vertical (zip)

5. Marketing messages (doc)

6. QR Code (png)

7.  Inspirational/Feast Day/Timely Posters

        a. Come Holy Spirit (pdf)

        b. Eucharistic Revival (pdf)

        c. Meekness (pdf)

        d. The Divine Mercy (pdf)

        e. St. Teresa of Calcutta (pdf)

        f. Lady of Fatima (pdf)

        g. Keep Calm-Jesus is Coming Soon (pdf)

        h. The Prayer of Mary (pdf)

        i. Our Lady Guadalupe (pdf)